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An Attractive Solution! K-Sun PEARLabel® 360 & Magnetic Tape

Pearl2awebDo you need a label that sticks, but you need it to move around too? Your permanent label can do both with K-Sun Magnet Tape! Choose from Magnet tape in two colors and five sizes, up to 1 ½” wide.

K-Sun Magnet Tape has hundreds of uses: 

From metal shelves, lockers, file cabinets, tool cribs, tool boxes, magnetic dry erase boards, metal signs, heavy equipment, coolers/refrigerators, bulk bins, stock rooms, schedule boards, metal doors, desk, displays, card holders and so much more!

The K-Sun PEARLabel 360, with a lifetime warranty, includes the powerful MaxiLabel Pro Ver 5.0 software so you can import data and graphics, make bar codes and much more!MagnetTapeSizes

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